About The Academy


We have one mission at The Nonfiction Book Academy–to help you produce an amazing book that inspires, educates, and sells!

We offer beginner and master-level training, accountability, and support in the areas of writing, publishing, and marketing nonfiction books.

Do you have a book inside you? One that could spread your message to the world, impact thousands, and attract clients and customers to your business?

If that’s you, but your book isn’t exactly flying onto the keyboard, you’re not alone! Millions of people say they want to write a book—but almost NONE of them actually do. And that’s a shame, because books are THE most powerful way to share your impact and grow your influence in this noisy info-overloaded world of ours.

Our founders and faculty have been privileged to help busy people become published authors for over 20 years now. We know what’s keeping you stuck, and we know how to help you through it. Whether you’re writing your own book or you’re a professional writer wanting to learn the ropes, we can help you reach your goals.

Why? Because we love reading great books. And we can’t wait to read yours!


About The Founder

Julie Anne Eason is CEO of Thanet House Publishing as well as a best-selling author, speaker, and publisher. She started her professional writing career 25+ years ago covering school board meetings for the local newspaper. She struggled to overcome the typical freelance feast-or-famine cycle of low-paying jobs and rose to join the top 1% of writers in the US.

She has ghostwritten multimillion-dollar books for industry leaders like Russell Brunson, Cristy “Code Red” Nickel, Annie Grace, Alex Charfen and more. She is the author of The Profitable Business Author: How To Write A Book That Attracts Clients And Customers. Her latest book, The Work at Home Success Guide, is quickly becoming a must-read for freelancers or remote employees or anyone who aspires to be one. Julie Anne’s passion is helping people produce books that inspire, educate, and sell.


Get Involved

Our students and faculty are the lifeblood of our organization. The more you engage with the community, the better you’ll write, the faster you’ll publish, and the more fun the entire process will be!

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