14-Day Kickstart

Start Writing Your Book Today!

A 14-day guided writing experience designed to help you get and keep momentum so you can finally write your book.

You’ll create a completely original framework that pulls you forward through the entire writing process whether you’re stumped, stalled, or just getting started.
No cookie-cutter book templates, fill-in-the-blank formulas, or business-card books that get ignored.

You’ll be WRITING YOUR BOOK the whole time.

This challenge isn’t just about learning, it’s about DOING!

Here’s The Plan

Day 1

Learn the outside-in method for structuring your book to inspire, educate, and sell.

Day 2

Create your book’s framework.

Day 3

Discover our “secret tool” that makes writing a breeze AND sells your book like nothing else. (You’ll be using it right away and all through your book.)

Day 4

Discover the secret to writing inspirational text.
(You can use it in your content and sales writing, too!)

Day 5

Here’s when we talk about how to educate without being BO-RING.

Day 6

Want your book to SELL your products and services? You’ll learn 3 simple persuasion techniques.

Day 7

It’s a SURPRISE! (And you’re going to love it.)
Hint: It will help your message stick in the reader’s head just like their favorite song!

Day 8

You’ll learn my favorite tool for writing with FLOW…the kind that keeps the reader engaged all the way to the end of the book.

Day 9

Are you okay if I teach you how to write for DEEP understanding? One really simple technique will ensure your readers actually GET (and TAKE ACTION on) what you’re saying.

Day 10

You’ll learn about the HIDDEN OBSTACLES every author faces during the writing and publishing processes. These suckers are dangerous. In fact, if you don’t know how to recognize them and what to do, your book might NEVER get finished.

Day 11

Afraid your writing might be a little, well…BORING? Let’s get back to basics and up level your writing skills. (Don’t worry, it’s fun!)

Day 12

Let’s talk about title and subtitle strategy. There’s a right way and a wrong way to title your book if you want it to inspire, educate, and sell.

Day 13

You’re in the home stretch now. It’s time to learn how to test your book in the marketplace, so you know it will sell even BEFORE you finish writing it or land a publisher.

Day 14

Time to CELEBRATE how far you’ve come. We’ll do a manuscript assessment for you and map out a realistic timeline for getting your book FINISHED (and published).

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