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Andrea Dell

Okay, I met with this fellow. His mission is very exciting, and he’s got a lot to share. I am actually very excited about his topic and how he coaches. He mentioned trading services, in addition to wondering what the price would be to work with me. I am ready to get paid, not trade services.

A couple potential red flags:

My main concern is that I think he needs business coaching, something I’m not going to get into. With all the info he sent my way, it’s also unclear if he has a suitable framework. He definitely has frameworks (maybe too many for one book!) and is great with analogies.

Another (possible) red flag: He’s got a ghostwriter gal he’s already worked with and offered to send over the stuff they’d already done. Should I take him up on that to help me make this decision? The reason this is a potential red flag is because he said he’s not sure she can get it done “in the timeframe he wants.” I’ll have to get more info on that for sure.

I’m going to ask him a few followup questions pertaining to the above. Right now I am excited but overwhelmed, and don’t know whether the overwhelm is because he hit me with a ton of info, or because we’re not a good fit.