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Mary Mathisson

Hi Julie!

I got some encouraging feedback from reaching out to some of the folks I know and would love to work with.

Here’s part of a reply from my former boss who’s a finance big cheese at a tech company:

“I’ve always thought there’s a book to be written from the perspective of “middle management” through the last decade in tech. Sheryl Sandberg created a persona that somehow has come to define the model for female success. but I expect the real story is how those messages were adopted by women (and the resulting negative impact in the workplace.)  Also, the view from male counterparts through the last few years hasn’t been well captured… One of my gf’s and I discussed writing “Lean Back” though we may have missed the timing on that one.”

I asked Viveka von Rosen at Vengreso if she’d be willing to share her experience working with a co-author. I’ve been doing freelance LinkedIn profile writing at Vengreso, focusing on “social selling,” and she’s published a couple of books about marketing yourself on LinkedIn. One was part of Dayna Steele’s “101 ways to rock” series. 

I would love to write her next book… and thought it would make sense to start with a fact finding mission asking about her experience with the writing process, and how her books helped her and her audience. Her title at Vengreso is “Chief Visibility Officer.” 😉 and she does a lot of public speaking. I have a call scheduled with her next week and would love to hear your thoughts. 

Looking forward to Monday’s call!