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We’re dedicated to helping our students through every phase of the book process. And not everyone comes to us at the same stage. Some need help writing, others need help with publishing and distribution.

We’ve made several resources available to you at no cost.


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Just Getting Started?

Many people find it difficult getting their ideas organized and into a coherent structure for their book. Others have more than one book they want to write and don’t know which one to write first.

If that sounds like you, we’ve got just the thing to help you out.

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Stuck, Stalled, or Somewhere In Between?

If you’re in the “I’m writing, but not consistently and not fast” stage, we’ve got you!

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Ready To Publish?

Congratulations on getting this far! Let us help you avoid costly mistakes by sharing the pros and cons of the 4 different publishing paths.

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Want To Build A Professional Ghostwriting Career?

Awesome! Ghostwriting books is the fastest way to a lucrative, sustainable, and fulfilling writing career. If you’re tired of low-paying gigs and “write for views” schemes–let us show you a better way.

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