You’ve worked hard to write an excellent book. It’s time to take your manuscript across the finish line and share that work with the world. Use this valuable 53-page guide as a step-by-step checklist on your journey to becoming a self-published author. The information inside this guide will help you produce BOTH print and ebooks of your very own.

This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, not a physical book.

Ready to tackle the world of self-publishing? Congratulations! There's nothing more rewarding that seeing your book for sale in print and/or digital. We've created this comprehensive guide to help you get started.

Inside, you’ll find…

  • Guidance on the various accounts you’ll need to open
  • Metadata you'll need to tie to your published book
  • How to make smart decisions on details like trim size (dimensions) and cost
  • Tips on how to create amazing covers, including solid title and subtitle, design features, and back cover elements
  • Advice for hiring professional formatters and designers
  • Step-by-step instructions for how to publish your book on Amazon’s KDP, the platform of choice for most authors
  • Thanet House Publishing's own proofing checklist to ensure your formatted manuscript is perfect and ready to publish
  • Recommendations for how to save money
  • The recommended process for having books printed without going over budget
  • Suggestions for ensuring that your book looks professional and published, to avoid the “self-published” stigma

We want your book to be amazing so you can change as many people’s lives as possible.

Get your copy of Finish Strong today.