Literary Services

Done-For-You Self Publishing

 Need more personalized help with your writing and publishing? The Nonfiction Book Academy is affiliated with Thanet House Publishing. We offer a suite of done-for-you literary services to save you time and help you produce a more professional-looking book.

Our authors love the idea of self-publishing because they keep 100% creative control and 100% of the revenue. But they struggle to find the time to take a book through the editing, design, proofing, publishing, and launch phases. For them, we offer done-for-you self publishing services including:

  • Cover design
  • Indexing
  • Interior layout
  • Ebook formatting
  •  Amazon distribution (print-on-demand)
  • Printer liason (offset printing)
  • Marketing and funnel consulting

Pre-Publishing Services

Get professional feedback on your manuscript before you publish.

VIP Book Development


Proper book development can save you months or even years of wandering in the wrong direction. If you have too many ideas and can seem to get them out of your head into a structured plan, Julie will walk you through the entire process in just a few hours. Listen to Marley (Baird) Jaxx talk about her experience.

Manuscript Evaluation


If you already have partially completed manuscript already, we offer professional feedback on all aspects of your writing. Manuscript reviews also include consulting on your best publishing and marketing options. Hear Michael’s experience with a recent manuscript evaluation.

Copy Editing

Project Based fee

Copy editing is one of the most important steps in producing a publishable manuscript. Let our editors help you put your best words forward with a comprehensive edit.

Coaching Available Through Our Masterclasses


Live coaching calls happen every week through The Academy’s Writing Masterclass and Publishing Masterclass.

Get professional feedback and all your questions answered by our expert team.


You’re not alone on this journey. We’ve got your back.

And we can’t wait to read your book!