Russell Brunson

For those of you who have any kind of fear or worry that's holding you back from jumping in and just doing it . . .

Julie's process works. I'm living proof!

I remember one night a friend and I were at dinner talking about business and growth strategy and things we were going to do. My friend said, “You know what? It's amazing to me that you still haven’t written a book after all these years.”

I remember sitting there, frustrated at myself for not writing a book sooner, and upset that the process was so much harder than I thought it was going to be. I had so much fear and anxiety tied around it. My stomach was actually in knots at the thought of this project. It’s not like I hadn’t been writing my whole life. My business depended on me writing sales pages, advertising, emails, and all sorts of things. What was the big deal about a book?

After spending some time on the phone with Julie, I knew that she was the person who was going to help me get there. She understood my goals for the book. She knew my target audience. And she helped me feel confident that this time we could finally make it to the finish line.

When the book was finished, I felt an unbelievable sense of accomplishment. I still remember getting the first copy and holding it in my hands. The cover just felt different. Something about it felt so exciting. I flipped through the pages and saw the words. I saw what had been bottled up in my head for ten years, finally in a format where anybody could look at it, read it, touch it, experience it, and get results from it. It was amazing!

It's helped us exponentially grow our company, and not just through lead generation.
When people come to us, they already have a basic understanding of why we can get such great results for them. They come to us practically pre-sold. And we get to help people who may never be able to work with us directly. An individual can only help so many people with consulting or products; with a book, that person can help millions.

For those of you who might be wondering if you should write a book . . .
For those of you who’ve tried and are wondering if it’s worth the effort . . .
For those of you who have any kind of fear or worry that's holding you back from jumping in and just doing it . . .

I want to tell you that Julie is the person who helped me.

Without her, it never would have come out of my head. I would have been stuck for maybe another decade or more. But now my book has the chance to bless and to serve tens of thousands of people's lives around the world. And thanks to the skillful construction of the content, it will continue to do that for the next ten or twenty years—or even longer.

Your book is important. There are people who need to read it. The longer it stays in your head, the longer those people have to wait. Get help!  Julie's process works. I’m living proof.

Natasha Hazlett

First draft done in 22 days! It was everything I needed to know--exactly when I needed to know it.

I'm a business and marketing coach. I had been thinking about writing a book for about 20 years …and I started writing but it just wasn’t working right. Julie kept kind of emailing me and asking me for a couple of years like, "How's your book coming? What's going on?" She wouldn’t give up on me.
And fortunately at the exact same time that I decided that I needed to FINALLY write my book, Julie came out with the Nonfiction Book Academy and it was like a godsend.

It was a total roadmap for me to follow. I was able to get the first manuscript done in 22 days!
What Julie teaches really, really works.

And the cool thing is she gives you access to her resources. I was able to find a cover design. I was able to get an editor. I did the whole project myself. It's amazing! It's everything I needed to know--exactly when I needed to know it.

If you have been trying to write a book or even thinking about writing a book, the time is NOW. Get Julie to help you! I highly recommend the Nonfiction Book Academy. In fact, I've recommended it to all of my clients. If you have the opportunity to work with Julie, take it! You’ll get that book out of your head and into the world.

Cristy "Code Red" Nickel

Idaho food stamps to $10 million dollar company in 3 years. It never would have been possible without Julie and my book.

In the very beginning when I was kind of a nobody, Julie believed in me. At the very beginning when I didn't even understand my own message, Julie gave me a voice. She put words to my heart. She put words to my thoughts. She helped me organize them into sentences and paragraphs and chapters and a book. It's something I couldn't have done on my own. I never would have gotten it done in such an easy manner.

I've never met anybody who makes it as easy as Julie made it on me to work with her.

The initial work of getting me up off the ground, I never would've made it to where I am today without my book. It's how I was able to get my message out into the world.

Rich Brooks

A $20,000 contract from a random buyer on Amazon. I was hurting my own career by not having written a book.

It had been on my list to write a book for about six years, and I just never seemed to be able to sit down and do it. Then I was in California at a conference and asked the event coordinator why I wasn't chosen to speak (again). And he shared with me that they were really looking for people who had written books to get up on stage.

That's when it really crystallized for me that I was hurting my own career by not having written a book. And I knew that I was probably not going to do it on my own. So I reached out to Julie and asked her for help.
And within the first hour, it completely changed the way that I looked at writing a book.

I had already read her book, it was great. I just sat down and she worked with me a little bit of one-on-one, a little bit off on my own. And before I knew it, I had cranked out a book. I've been getting more speaking gigs. I've used it for my own conferences and as a giveaway to attendees. I've gotten business out of it. (One $20,000 contract came from someone who just stumbled across the book on Amazon!)

People are finally seeing me as an expert, and it's just been fantastic from beginning to end. I couldn't have done it without Julie's help.

Amy Smalarz

I'm a writer, but writing a book seemed really tough.

Julie fixed that.

I spent at least a year thinking about the book I wanted to write. I knew what I wanted to talk about. I knew why it was important. I read some books on how to write a book and took another short course, but I still got to the point where I felt a bit of overwhelm. I wasn't exactly sure where to start because I didn't want to pay someone else to write my book.

It's something I wanted to bring out of me and share with other people, but it still seemed really daunting, you know? And I'm a writer, but to write a book seemed really tough. So that was holding me back.

I'm guessing you've been in the situation where you have a blank page in front of you. 

You know what you want to write, but where do you start? Julie solved that!

Another part I found very valuable was the publishing information. It was my first book, and I had no idea about the publishing part. I had heard a few things but never in real detail. She presented it so clearly--you can do it this way, this way, or this way. And it's very clear the options that we have. It was great for me because I got information that I could share with other people in my company. I learned what they needed to look for and do. That was really helpful.

I highly recommend the Master Classes if you are thinking of writing a book, if you're struggling with your book, and even if you aren't struggling. I still recommend the Nonfiction Book Academy. Just get it. Your book will be better and your marketing will be more targeted. I love this course! I am writing my second book, and I'm using it again.

Annie Grace

Basically within six weeks I had a rough draft, which was absolutely incredible!  I know that this book has the potential to change the world. And I wouldn't have been able to write it without Julie.

 I mean it would be sitting in my head instead of sitting on shelves. And so if you have a message that you think can change the world, or even if you just have a message you want to get out there to say, I, I cannot recommend highly enough. My experience with her has been absolutely phenomenal.

I was desperate to write my second book and I had all of these words and ideas and thoughts written down, but then I had a baby and time just kept getting away from me. I knew I was never gonna make it a priority. Then a great friend of mine, recommended Julie Eason to help me write my book and it was probably one of the best decisions I've made in the last few years.

Julie Willson

Once I learned about the Question-Based Outline, it only took me a MONTH to write the manuscript!

I joined Nonfiction Book Academy right when I needed it most—when I was writing my first book, Virtually Kissing Frogs: How To Stay Afloat In The Online Dating Pond. I had been wanting to write it for years, but the process seemed too overwhelming. NFBA had modules for every step, leading me through exactly what I needed at the right time. Once I learned about the Question-Based Outline, it only took me a MONTH to write the manuscript! With ongoing support in the Facebook Group, I was able to get answers, support, and resources for tasks like cover design, obtaining ISBNs, and formatting for my manuscript. Now I can proudly say I’m a published author!

Are YOU Our Next Big Success?

Do you have a book inside you? One that could spread your message to the world, impact thousands, and attract clients and customers to your business?

If that’s you, but your book isn’t exactly flying onto the keyboard, you’re not alone! Millions of mission-driven business people want to write a book—but almost NONE of them actually do.

And that’s a shame, because books are THE most powerful way to share your impact and grow your influence in this noisy info-overloaded world of ours.

I’ve been privileged to help business owners, experts, and thought leaders become authors for over 20 years now. I know what’s keeping you stuck, and I know how to help you through it.

Whether you’re writing your book by yourself or you have a professional writer helping you, let me help you bypass the obstacles and GET IT DONE!

Why? Because I love reading great books. And I can’t wait to read yours!