How to 9x Your Reach and Thrive

as a Coach and Expert in the New World

And there are certain people in this world that ONLY YOU can help…

But only if they know you exist!

Set yourself apart as the authority,
so that YOU are the ONLY ONE people want to work with.

There are plenty of people selling writing and publishing shortcuts.


They’re tempting. But do they work? Or are they a complete waste of time and money?


What’s the best strategy for writing a perennial seller?

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Okay, I promised to introduce you to my clients who used the books I helped them create to build 7,8, and 9-figure businesses.

They all started with the same things…

They had the passion.

They had the process.

They just needed a vehicle to get their messages to the masses.


Here’s how they did it…

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What is The Scriptorium?

The Scriptorium is a 6-week small group coaching program for writing nonfiction books.

Participants receive writing training, as well as live coaching and accountability for the duration of the program.

Who is This Program For?

This program was specifically designed for coaches, experts, speakers, and transformational business owners.

If you are finally ready to write a book that will change the world (and your business), you’re in the right place.

What are the Prerequisites?

→ You must be committed to participating fully.

→ You must have a story or message to share with the masses.

⊗  You do not need to have a business.

⊗  You do not need to be a strong writer.


Will I Finish My Book in 6 Weeks?

It is possible to finish your first draft within the 6 weeks. Some participants have finished in as little as 3 weeks.

However, even if you still have work to do, you will have continued access to the writing training and tools.

When Do We Start?

The Scriptorium 2021 begins SEPTEMBER 27th and runs through NOVEMBER 8.

How Much is the Investment?

Julie’s coaching typically runs $500 an hour. The live coaching component alone is a $3000 value.

 The entire Scriptorium program, including all the training, tools, and live coaching is $1200.

For those of you who have any kind of fear or worry that’s holding you back from jumping in and just doing it . . .Julie’s process works. I’m living proof!

Russell Brunson

Co-founder, Clickfunnels

I’ve never had a more effortless and invigorating creative process than I have with you over the last two months. The highlight in my life right now is getting the opportunity to write this book with your guidance.
I tell people, the angels themselves delivered you to me.

Amanda Holmes

CEO, Chet Holmes, Intl.

In the very beginning when I was kind of a nobody, Julie believed in me. At the very beginning when I didn’t even understand my own message, Julie gave me a voice.

It’s something I couldn’t have done on my own. I never would have gotten it done in such an easy manner.

Cristy "Code Red" Nickel

CEO, Code Red Fitness and Nutrition

Within the first hour, it completely changed the way that I looked at writing a book. She worked with me a little bit one-on-one, and I worked on my own. And before I knew it, I had cranked out a book.

People are finally seeing me as an expert, and it’s just been fantastic from beginning to end. I couldn’t have done it without Julie’s help.

Rich Brooks

CEO, Flyte New Media


The world is inundated with information every single second of every single day.

Yet books remain the highest authority.

No blog post, article, podcast, or YouTube episode can ever replace the trust generated by a well-written book.


The right words can inspire the heart.

The right words can educate the mind.

The right words can sell ideas, actions, products, and services.

Words are the pigments that paint the way to how things could be.


Anyone can publish a book these days…

(which means anyone can publish a book these days.)

Your reputation and results depend on having a professional-quality book that represents you and your values at the highest level.


Everyone who wants to write a book, should write a book.

Let no amount of self doubt, imposter syndrome, or inexperience stand in the way.

Authors have the power to change the world, one book at a time. And the world needs that!

Basically within six weeks I had a rough draft, which was absolutely incredible!  I know that this book has the potential to change the world. And I wouldn’t have been able to write it without Julie.

Annie Grace

CEO, This Naked Mind

First draft done in 22 days! It was everything I needed to know–exactly when I needed to know it.

It was a total roadmap for me to follow. I was able to get the first manuscript done in 22 days!
What Julie teaches really, really works.


Natasha Hazlett

CEO, Unstoppable Influence

Are You Our Next Big Success Story?

Do you have a book inside you? One that could spread your message to the world, impact thousands, and attract clients and customers to your business?

If that’s you, but your book isn’t exactly flying onto the keyboard, you’re not alone! Millions of mission-driven business people want to write a book—but almost NONE of them actually do.

And that’s a shame, because books are THE most powerful way to share your impact and grow your influence in this noisy info-overloaded world of ours.

I’ve been privileged to help business owners, experts, and thought leaders become authors for over 20 years now. I know what’s keeping you stuck, and I know how to help you through it.

Whether you’re writing your book by yourself or you have a professional writer helping you, let me help you bypass the obstacles and GET IT DONE!

Why? Because I love reading great books. And I can’t wait to read yours!